How the Trans-Rights Movement Is Turning Philosophers Into Activists

On July 3, I received an innocuous-seeming email from the Digital Content Editor of a London-based arts organization called the Institute for Art and Ideas. She asked if I might set out my views on the [...]

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Yaniv’s Other Racket: How a Single Gender Troll Managed to Get ‘Hundreds’ of Women Thrown Off Twitter

The Canadian human-rights litigant formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv—a trans woman who now goes by the name Jessica, but whom we will refer to simply as “JY”—is a unique figure among those who follow the debate [...]

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Court Orders Idaho To Pay For Sex Offender’s Trans Surgery; Governor Refuses

Governor vows to block order to pay for $20,000–$30,000 surgery for inmate convicted of sexually abusing 15-year-old boy. Citing constitutional protections against inflicting "cruel and unusual punishments" on criminals, a panel of three judges on the [...]

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How Feminism Paved the Way for Transgenderism

In the last decade, in many parts of the English-speaking world, transgender advocacy has made substantial, and at times, expansive gains, with trans rights becoming embedded in institutions and enforced by the state. Like any significant [...]

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Judge backs parents who allowed their four-year-old son to live as a girl

The High Court of the United Kingdom has decreed that social services cannot remove a four-year-old boy who identifies as a girl from a couple who have let “him” transition after sending the child to school [...]

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