I May Have Gender Dysphoria. But I Still Prefer to Base My Life on Biology, Not Fantasy

Feelings and opinions have displaced facts and evidence in many areas of the liberal arts. This is nothing new. A more recent phenomenon, however, is the extension of this trend into the realm of biology, which [...]

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Air pollution from brake dust may be as harmful as diesel exhaust on immune cells – new study

Brake dust is composed of iron particles, which studies have shown are harmful to human health. pdsci/ Shutterstock The harmful impact of air pollution caused by diesel exhaust fumes on our health is well [...]

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Meet the Gay Activists Who’ve Had Enough of Britain’s Ultra-Woke Homophobes

Are gay people allowed to meet and organise in defense of their interests? A hard yes, you might have thought. But some apparently disagree. Witness the response to the London-based LGB Alliance, a newly created British group [...]

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‘Extremely problematic’: Civil liberties body calls for a halt on plans to introduce body cams for gardaí

Front-line gardaí are calling on An Garda Síochána to introduce body-cameras, which are increasingly used in jurisdictions worldwide. Plans to introduce body-cameras for gardaí are “beyond concerning” and open to potential privacy rights breaches, the Irish [...]

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Macron moves to extend IVF to lesbians, single women

Six years after a same-sex marriage law that triggered months of mass protests, French President Emmanuel Macron risks roiling French conservatives again with plans to allow single women and lesbian couples to access fertility treatment. Under [...]

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How the Trans-Rights Movement Is Turning Philosophers Into Activists

On July 3, I received an innocuous-seeming email from the Digital Content Editor of a London-based arts organization called the Institute for Art and Ideas. She asked if I might set out my views on the [...]

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TD claims Irish people who are ‘hungry in the streets’ should be prioritised over immigrants

Independent TD Michael Collins IRISH people are “hungry in the street” and should be prioritised over immigrants, an Independent TD has claimed. Michael Collins made the remark and argued Ireland is “losing our culture” [...]

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Preventable Deaths and the Need for Data-Driven Journalism

In the wake of the recent mass shootings in Texas and Ohio that claimed the lives of more than 30 people, Neil deGrasse Tyson drew significant controversy by posting a tweet which compared the death toll from the [...]

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Beer has a sexism problem and it goes much deeper than chauvinistic marketing

When CAMRA, the UK real ale campaign group, decided to ban beers with sexist names and labels from the Great British Beer Festival this summer, the responses were quite predictable. Liberal newspaper The Guardian celebrated the decision to call time [...]

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