Amnesty International challenges electric vehicle makers to ‘come clean’

Amnesty is demanding the EV sector comes up with an ethical and clean battery within five years Amnesty International has accused the electric vehicle industry of selling itself as environmentally friendly, despite producing many [...]

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Opium, rat hair, beaver anal secretions – and other surprising things you might find in food

Diners in France recently got more than they bargained for when poppy seed baguettes were found to contain a dose of opium that could take postprandial napping to a new extreme. Other than narcotics, there are [...]

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Personal DNA tests might help research – but they put your data at risk

Eetu Mustonen/Shutterstock Your DNA has become a valuable commodity. Companies such as 23andMe may charge you for an analysis of your genetic profile, but they make their real money from selling that data on [...]

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