Victimhood of some Christians is not what the world needs

Declan Ganley’s response to Notre Dame fire was in stark contrast to the unity elsewhere: Kathy Sheridan The steeple of Notre-Dame cathedral collapses as the cathedral is engulfed in flames. Photograph: Geoffroy van der Hasselt/AFP/Getty [...]

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Christmas celebrations will be scrapped under new ethos – Catholic schools warn

Hostile reaction: St Marnock’s National School in Portmarnock, Dublin, has made its opposition clear to parents. Photo: Owen Breslin   Catholic schools are driving opposition to a proposed switch in patronage by warning parents [...]

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Christian professor facing calls to quit over homosexuality comments

A Roman Catholic academic at the University of Oxford has denied authoring homophobic writings after students started a petition demanding he be removed from his post. More than 350 people have signed a petition which accuses [...]

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Child Euthanasia without Parent Approval Pushed for Canada

I always say that if you want to know what is likely to go wrong in healthcare (and society) in the coming years, you should read ethics articles in professional journals. Child Euthanasia without [...]

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Transgender offender says right to keep her birth gender secret means two crimes should be wiped from her record

The woman, named only as Helen, was convicted for 'importuning as a man' She was convicted after working at a Soho 'clip joint' in the 1970s and 1980s Wants to keep convictions secret fearing employs [...]

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