Traitors, betrayal, surrender: British politics now dripping with terms that fuel division

The Prime Minister’s inflammatory language in Parliament provoked outrage. PA Recent scenes in the UK House of Commons, showcasing language that has been criticised as inflammatory and divisive, have caused deep concern. In particular, many [...]

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Why the Conservatives deserve to face extinction if they make Boris Johnson prime minister

By installing such a charlatan in No 10, the Tories will forfeit any right to be taken seriously. It will be the ultimate betrayal of their country. Having gravely weakened and diminished Britain through their blind [...]

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Everything you think you know about Leavers and Remainers is wrong

A new study reveals that Remainers care much more about remaining than Leavers do about leaving — and it could have grave consequences for Labour and the Tories. It is commonly assumed that Leave supporters want to [...]

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Why do Conservative Party leadership hopefuls keep piling on to the no-deal Brexit bandwagon?

The House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee published two reports in 2010 and 2011 in which it claimed the UK government had all but lost the capacity to think strategically. The failure of military operations in Iraq [...]

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