University of Limerick to introduce LGBT+ accommodation for students

In July, it was announced that the University of Limerick is to offer on-campus accommodation to students who identify as LGBTQ+, a concept known as “rainbow housing”. The accommodation will also be open to ‘allies’ of [...]

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Our political parties should welcome and encourage difference of opinion, not punish it

Over the past number of days a controversy has been brewing within Young Fine Gael over the attendance of its current president, Killian Foley-Walsh, at the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) conference in Washington DC last week. [...]

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Europe’s Childless Leaders Sleepwalking Us to Disaster

Living for today: Europe's most important leaders are all childless, among them German Chancellor Angela Merkel (left) and Mark Rutte (right), Prime Minister of the Netherlands. (Image source: Minister-president Rutte/Flickr) There have never been [...]

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For the sake of democracy – start questioning

Democracy assumes social responsibility. It is not just about having elections and a stable government. Democracies endurance lies in people’s willingness to participate in addressing troubles we are faced with. The only problem is that participation [...]

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Expert Claims Babies Need To Give Consent Before You Can Change Nappy

Good God, apparently we now have to ask babies – who cannot speak or fathom language – for consent before changing their nappies. ABC came under considerable scrutiny after airing a segment in which a ‘sexuality [...]

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