Should Ireland fuel its power stations with wood shipped from Australia?

In Ireland, there has recently been some controversy over a proposal to transition a number of the country’s dirtiest power stations away from burning peat bogs, which emits even more carbon than coal. Instead, the plan [...]

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Why leaders who bullshit are more dangerous than those who lie

Bullshit seems to be the new currency in politics. Around the world, a new breed of politicians is flourishing, for whom lying and bullshitting is part of their everyday routine. This is earning them both popular [...]

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Why We Should Reject Diversity and Equity As Values

The concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion have gained in popularity in recent years among the political left, including university administrations and corporate HR departments. To those who believe no individual is intrinsically more valuable than any other, this trend [...]

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DUP may be overestimating opposition to Irish Sea border in Northern Ireland – new survey

Arlene Foster: does she speak for unionists anymore? Brian Lawless/PA The roots of the UK’s forthcoming election lie in Brexit – and Westminster’s inability to agree on what to do about the border between [...]

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Twitter is banning political ads – but the real battle for democracy is with Facebook and Google

Finally, some good news from the weirdo-sphere that is social media. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has announced that, effective November 22, the microblogging platform will ban all political advertising – globally. We’ve made the decision to [...]

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Meet the Gay Activists Who’ve Had Enough of Britain’s Ultra-Woke Homophobes

Are gay people allowed to meet and organise in defense of their interests? A hard yes, you might have thought. But some apparently disagree. Witness the response to the London-based LGB Alliance, a newly created British group [...]

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