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There is No ‘Gay Gene,’ but Sexuality is Affected by Many Genes of Small Effect

The authors of an international research project into the genetics of same-sex behaviour recently reported their findings, and created a minor media stir. The international team of researchers looked at DNA markers and data from surveys of sexual [...]

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Eddie Hobbs: 25 consequences for Ireland as we enter ‘The Upside Down’ world of finance

  Just like in the Netflix blockbuster Stranger Things, we have entered ‘The Upside Down’ through a portal to a dysfunctional money system, one that has implications across all our lives, suggests Eddie Hobbs. The ‘Upside Down’ [...]

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A Flawed Defense of Safe Spaces in the New York Times

In a recent New York Times op-ed, Wesleyan University president Michael S. Roth offers a defense of “safe enough” spaces on our college and university campuses. Roth seeks to establish a middle ground between proponents who aspire “to [...]

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Genetic engineering and human-animal hybrids: how China is leading a global split in controversial research

If you want to conduct groundbreaking but contentious biological research, go to China. Last year, Chinese scientist He Jiankui announced he had created the world’s first gene-edited human babies, shocking the world at a time when such [...]

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University of Limerick to introduce LGBT+ accommodation for students

In July, it was announced that the University of Limerick is to offer on-campus accommodation to students who identify as LGBTQ+, a concept known as “rainbow housing”. The accommodation will also be open to ‘allies’ of [...]

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‘Virtue Signalling’ May Annoy Us. But Civilization Would Be Impossible Without It

We all virtue signal. I virtue signal; you virtue signal; we virtue signal. And those guys over there, in that political tribe we don’t like—they especially virtue signal. (Just as they believe that we do.) Let’s not pretend [...]

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